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Important Information regarding COVID-19 - Please read X

Updated 12/07/2021

We wanted to update you about our plans to continue to support you during this very unsure time.  We have a link at the bottom of the page to the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) who give regularly updated guidance for Covid-19 and pregnancy. The RCOG guidelines suggest that pregnant women are in a slightly increased risk group for Covid-19 and this risk also slightly increases again in the third trimester (28 weeks onwards) which we take very seriously and is reflected in our guidelines.

Despite the (likely) lifting of restrictions on the 19th of July our clinics being medical and diagnostic will remain in line with the NHS regarding the wearing of masks in the clinics (unless you are medically exempt). During the scan we are face to face less than a meter from the person having the scan for longer than 15 minutes which increases risks of transmission of Covid – 19 for all. We will be allowing well behaved children to attend but will be continuing with social distancing, mask wearing and a total of 4 people attending including the person having the scan –  we need to ensure we remain as Covid secure as possible even with the lifting of restrictions.

We are asking for everyone to attend on time and not early for their scan to reduce time waiting in the reception area. Facemasks must be worn throughout the appointment in the clinic unless you are exempt.

On arrival please use the hand sanitiser or bathroom to wash your hands.

At the end of each scan you will not need to wait around and can leave directly from the scanning room which again reduces time with anyone else waiting in reception. The scanning room is then cleaned before the next patient arrives. Our staff are maintaining a stringent hand washing policy to reduce the risk of transmission.

The overwhelming need to keep your families and ours safe will mean that if you or anyone within your home is displaying any signs of Covid-19 or in self isolation please stay away and we will see you after isolation period set by the Government.

We completely understand the worry at this point, pregnancy can be a time of anxiety as it is without this additional concern  – we have attached a link to a valuable source of information which will hopefully be able to answer any concerns you have – we are also here if you have any questions.

In short we are talking every measure to keep you, your family and our families safe at this time.

Keep well and you know where we are if you need anything.

Kindest regards,

The Scanning Room Team xx

Get to know more about us before your visit

About Us


Being a specialist midwife sonographer working for the NHS (up to March this year, 2021!) I realised that what women want/need and what can actually be provided by the NHS during pregnancy is quite different. After a spell of private scanning I decided to open the Well Woman and Baby Room in October 2013 (with the huge support of my family) so that I could give women the reassurance and confidence they need to help and support them though pregnancy within their timescale of need. Pregnancy can make you feel incredibly vulnerable and I wanted (and want) to give you an unrushed, supported and informed scan experience.

I also wanted to give women access to gynaecological and fertility scans so that they could see us if they were having fertility treatment abroad or even in the UK. Being able to have these scans performed close to home, fitting your timescale can remove that additional pressure of where to go!

In November 2016 we were thrilled to open our second clinic in Haywards Heath, somehow still managing to answer the calls, emails and texts, perform the scans and do the ordering myself with occasional help from my lovely NHS colleagues!

After nearly 4 years of being the Well Woman and Baby Room we decided to simplify our name (a name I love but too wordy and despite our fab reputation not always remembered – often ‘do you mean Lindsay in Shoreham?’) so we are now ‘The Scanning Room’.


I started my midwifery degree in 1999 at Northumbia University in Newcastle and ended up staying there for another six years after I qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Midwifery in 2002. As a rotational midwife I worked at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, moving between the ante-natal, post-natal and labour wards. I loved wherever I worked and then an advert for ultrasound training within the hospital was circulated and the more I looked into it the more I liked the speciality. In August 2006, I started my PGc in Obstetric Ultrasound at the University of Teeside, qualifying in 2007 and splitting my time as a midwife and sonographer.

In 2008, I moved back south and started working as a midwife at St Richards in Chichester but missed scanning too much and moved to Portsmouth QA Hospital to take up a role as a sonographer full time. In 2011, the commute to Portsmouth became too time consuming and I started work at the Royal Sussex County, Brighton where I worked until March of this year (2021) scanning within the ultrasound department. It was here I completed my PGd in Medical Ultrasound in 2013. I decided to leave the NHS this year after 20 years and 5 months all in! Like a lot of people the Covid year has really made me assess what I was doing and where my happiness lay so I decided I wanted my focus to be The Scanning Room – another chapter begins!

Despite scanning full time, I maintain my registration with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) as a midwife, keeping up to date with all mandatory training. So despite not actually delivering babies any more if one decided to make an appearance I am ready! This also allows me to give you quite a few top tips to make pregnancy easier as well.

During my time off I have worked alongside the Liverpool school of tropical medicine and the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology who sends doctors and midwives to teach other medical professionals in developing countries. I have been so lucky, my midwifery has taken me to Tanzania, Pakistan, Somaliland, Ghana and Kenya teaching obstetric emergencies to local doctors and midwives and ultimately helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates (something I am very proud of personally and professionally).

Our values

We will always do our utmost for you, offering you high quality healthcare. If we feel your need is with the NHS and not with us we will advise you of that and refer you on as appropriate. We will never suggest unnecessary scans, in fact we will aim to empower you further to believe in your own abilities of growing your baby beautifully!

We are very proud of what we give to our women and their families. We work to high standards with up to date, evidence based policies and guidelines, embracing my NHS training and taking it further with excellent customer care.

The health and development of you and your baby is our priority, we don’t stack them high and sell them cheap because we want you to have the best that we can give at all stages of your pregnancy.

We are registered with Care Quality Commission – the independent regulator of health and social care in England. Any sonographers that work alongside me are fully qualified sonographers, whether from a nursing/midwifery or radiography background. These are my NHS colleagues who I trust and know will treat you with the high standards that I employ.


Looking forward to meeting you, Lindsay x