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Important Information regarding COVID-19 - Please read X

Updated 11/05/2020

We wanted to update you about our plans to continue to support you during this very difficult and unsure time. We are only taking bookings up to 2 weeks ahead due to the uncertainty of this pandemic. WE ARE ALSO ONLY PERFORMING SCANS THAT ARE ESSENTIAL AT THIS TIME. We have a link at the bottom of the page to the RCOG who give guidance for pregnancy and Covid-19 for your information – it does suggest that there is a slightly increased risk for pregnant women in the third trimester (28 weeks onwards).

We are classed as medical and diagnostic therefore able to provide you and your family with essential antenatal and women’s health ultrasound scans during your pregnancy.  We have suspended any 4D scans to allow us to focus more capacity for urgent scan appointments whilst the NHS is under unprecedented pressure.

In keeping with guidance only you and one other can attend the scan at any one time, we are asking for everyone to attend on time and not early for their scan to reduce time waiting in the reception area. We are asking you where possible to leave children at home.

On arrival please use the hand sanitiser or bathroom to wash your hands.

At the end of each scan you will not need to wait around and can leave directly from the scanning room which again reduces time with anyone else waiting in reception. The scanning room is then cleaned before the next patient arrives. Our staff are maintaining a stringent hand washing policy to reduce the risk of transmission.

The overwhelming need to keep your families and ours safe will mean that if you or anyone within your home is displaying any signs of the coronavirus or in self isolation please stay away and we will see you after the 14 day isolation period.

We completely understand the worry at this point, pregnancy can be a time of anxiety as it is without this additional concern  – we have attached a link to a valuable source of information which will hopefully be able to answer any concerns you have – we are also here if you have any questions.

If you wish to cancel your appointment we also completely understand but please get in touch and we can go from there.

In short we are talking every measure to keep you, your family and our families safe at this time.

Keep well and you know where we are if you need anything.

Kindest regards,

The Scanning Room Team xx

This link is from the BBC about antenatal appointments;

Fertility & Gynaecology

The most effective form of imaging to assess the uterus and ovaries, performed for women with a variety of gynaecological complaints including infertility and fertility treatment.

A gynaecological scan can either be performed transabdominally (over the tummy) or transvaginally (internally) dependant on the reason for your scan.  An internal scan is usually the preferred method as it gets you closer to the uterus to allow for clearer assessment of the structures.

A full bladder is necessary for a trans-abdominal scan, so approximately an hour before your scan please drink at least 400mls of water. A transvaginal scan requires an empty bladder for your comfort, as it gives much clearer images.

Fertility Scans. We can provide you with an individualised ultrasound service to meet your needs whether you are having treatment in the UK or abroad. A baseline pelvic scan can be performed to assess the thickness of the endometrium and developing follicles with further follicle tracking if required.

Reasons for self-referral; Specific or generalised pain and tenderness, Swelling and bloating, Irregular periods Painful periods (Dysmenorrhoea), Bleeding after intercourse (Post-coital), Heavy menstrual bleeding (Menorrhagia), Intra-uterine contraceptive device (Coil) location, Post-menopausal bleeding, Endometrial thickness for fertility purposes, Follicle tracking for fertility purposes. We can even offer a baseline fertility scan which is ideally performed between day 9-12 of your cycle to assess the lining of your womb and any dominant follicles – this can give you an idea of expected ovulation.

Common findings identified by scan; Polyps, Ovarian cysts, Fibroids, Polycystic ovaries , Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

A referral is not required for any of the gynaecological services we offer.

What we do…

We discuss how we perform the internal scan with you and ensure you don’t have any allergies to latex. The scan is only performed with your consent.

The size, shape and appearance of the uterus and the thickness of the lining of the endometrium will be measured and assessed along with the ovaries. If you are having fertility treatment and need to know your follicle count we will also measure and report how many follicles are present. We also assess the adnexa/ pelvic area to ensure there are no cysts, masses or free fluid.

After the scan…

We will discuss the findings of the scan with you and provide you with a detailed report. You can either send a copy of the report to your clinic providing your fertility treatment or take the copy to your GP for follow up if suggested.

If we find anything of concern, with your permission we will refer you directly to your GP and discuss our findings/concerns with them for follow up.



25 minute appointment £89

Endometrial thickness

Follicle tracking

Fertility scanning

Gynaecological scan

Detailed report