Scannning Room

26 to 32 weeks

4D Scan

Why have a 4D scan?

An amazing opportunity to see what your little one gets up to in the womb! This unique bonding experience allows you to see your baby smile, yawn and even see if it has little fat cheeks!

As with all our scans ensuring your baby’s wellbeing is our priority and we always talk you through everything that we see.

The best time to perform a 4D scan is between 26-32 weeks gestation due to the size of your baby and the amount of amniotic fluid present.

After 32 weeks the amniotic fluid naturally starts to reduce which can affect the images we get of your baby due to its position and often unwillingness to move! If you are outside of the suggested range, we will try our hardest to achieve the best possible images but this is not always possible.

What we do..

With our 4D scans we record the scan on DVD, take both 2D and 3D pictures which are saved onto a memory stick, black and white pictures for you to take away, we also take measurements to ensure you baby is growing well. We spend time looking around your baby and seeing what it is up to. If you would like the gender to remain a secret that is no problem at all, if you do already know we can always double check for you!

For the growth assessment we measure the head, tummy and thigh to get an estimated weight and compare this in relation to the due date which will demonstrate where your baby is within the growth range. We also assess the placental position and amniotic fluid.

During the scan the ideal position for your baby is to be laying on its back, from previous scans I am sure you have experienced a naughty baby that doesn’t want to help. If this happens we will try a variety of things to get your baby moving. If despite our best efforts your little bean is far too comfortable and won’t move we will book a further scan free of charge.

As with all our scans you are given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the scan.

After the scan..

We will discuss everything that we have seen throughout the scan and complete a wellbeing checklist along with your DVD, memory stick and pictures we have taken throughout the scan.

We don’t have a maximum number of pictures we take, all dependant on how helpful your little one is.

If any problems are found, these will be discussed with you and where possible/known the implications will also be discussed. A referral will be made for you to your local midwife, GP or local hospital/antenatal clinic and appropriate follow up will be arranged.

Touching my nose!

Having a frown!

“Can't recommend Lindsey enough, I've been to other places for scans which don't compare to the treatment at well women.
My pregnancy wasn't easy yet seeing Lindsey on the few occasions I did she was so friendly, caring an patient with the endless questions I had.
With other places I've been to before it's been very rushed where as with Lindsey it was very relaxed, looked at everything, told me the sex very early on an was happy to put my mind at ease with any worries I had (an there were lots) also the pictures were amazing!!
 Lindsey will always be special to me an baby Imani”


4D scan 26-32 weeks (optimal time 27-29 weeks) £119

30 minute appointment £119.
25 minute scanning time
Growth measurements
General assessment
DVD of the scan
Memory stick of 2D and 3D pictures
Wellbeing checklist
Black and white 2D and 3D picture prints (no maximum number)