Scannning Room

16 to 24 weeks

Reassurance and gender scans

Why have a reassurance/gender scan?

The wait between your dating and anomaly scan can seem so long! From 16 weeks you (for the most part) feel entirely normal again, don’t necessarily feel pregnant and to the outside world you don’t look pregnant – so what is going on in there……
Or if you just cannot wait to find out the gender then we can help with that too.

What we do…

We measure the head, tummy and thigh to get an estimated weight and see how well your baby is growing in relation to your due date. Have a general assessment of your baby, check the movements, placenta and fluid.

We can determine your baby’s gender with very high accuracy, we take our time and look in a number of different views to clearly see little girl’s bits or little boy’s, it’s that simple! If your baby is being decidedly shy (or awkward) or we are not convinced ourselves then we will re-book you free of charge – we want to be certain!

If you don’t want to know the gender we can keep that secret as well that’s no problem at all.

We also have a glimpse at your little one in 4D and take pictures for you both in 2D and 3D (we don’t have a maximum number of pictures we take, depends on how well your little one poses!). Sometimes your baby may be in a position where we cannot clearly see it’s face in 3D/4D and we won’t be able to take pictures – but we will always try!

After the scan…

We will discuss everything that we have seen throughout the scan and complete a wellbeing checklist along with the pictures we have taken throughout the scan.
If we find anything of concern during the scan we discuss this with you giving you plenty of time to ask questions. We create a report and contact your local maternity hospital to arrange follow up for you.

16 weeks

Hmmmm boy or girl????

Reassurance and gender scans 16-24 weeks £75

20 minute appointment
15 minute scan time
Growth measurements
Anatomy check
Wellbeing report
Gender if you would like to know!
4D view
Pictures in 2D and 3D
Fully qualified sonographers