Scannning Room

19 to 24 weeks

Anomaly scan

Why would you have an anomaly scan?

An anomaly scan can be performed from 18+6 weeks to 21+6 weeks but ideally performed around 20 weeks. The scan will effectively check your baby’s development from head to toe, assessing the growth, placental position and amniotic fluid. We can perform this scan with the flexibility of your timescale not always achieved with the NHS.

We can also provide this scan as a second opinion to an anomaly scan already performed or to complete an anomaly scan when all structures have not been clearly seen.

What we do..

We measure your baby’s femur, head an abdominal circumference to compare the growth against the due date. The following anatomical structures are also assessed; Skull/brain, profile/lips, heart/chest, abdomen/cord insertion, kidneys, bladder, limbs, spine and placental position. The scan is performed to the Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) standards set out by Public Heath England for clinical care standards within the NHS.

The anomaly scan is a screening tool; it cannot see every abnormality and it does not guarantee a healthy baby. Some problems/abnormalities may not be present or visible but develop at a later stage (for example diaphragmatic hernia).

Throughout the scan we talk you through everything we are looking at so you get to know your little one and how well it is developing. We also take pictures in 2D for you and have a little look in 4D as well.

After the scan..

A detailed report will be created with all our findings and discussed with you giving you every opportunity to ask questions. This report should go alongside your maternity notes.

If any problems or abnormalities are found, these will be discussed with you and where possible/known the implications will also be discussed. A referral will be made for you to your local midwife, GP or local hospital/antenatal clinic and appropriate follow up will be arranged.

Sometimes when abnormalities are found we cannot give you the exact implications/outcomes for your baby, we will give you as much information as possible but you will require specialist referral for a clear diagnosis.

(Please note this scan may be available for free at your local NHS hospital)

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Anomaly scan 19 - 24 weeks (optimal time 20 weeks) £159

Anomaly scan 19 – 24 weeks (optimal time 20 weeks)

30 minute appointment
25 minute scanning time
Growth measurements
Full anatomy check to FASP guidelines
Detailed scan report
Pictures in 2D and 3D
Fully qualified sonographers