Scannning Room

24 to 39+6 weeks

Growth Scan

Why have a growth scan?

Sometimes the wait from seeing your baby at the half way stage at the 20 week scan to it being in your arms can be a long time! This scan does not need a referral from a healthcare professional so can be performed whenever you feel the need for additional reassurance of how well your baby is growing and what it is up to in there.

If a concern has been raised about reduced fetal movements, slow fundal growth height, or even increased fundal growth height we can give that visual reassurance that your baby is doing beautifully at a timescale that suits you.
What we do..

We have a good look at your little one and discuss everything as we move around your baby. For the growth assessment we measure the head, tummy and thigh to get an estimated weight and compare this in relation to the due date which will demonstrate where your baby is within the growth range. We assess the placenta and also the position of your baby to the placenta, so if reduced movements are a concern, we can show you where you will expect to feel your baby move. The fluid is assessed either visually or measured to ensure it is within the normal range.

We also see what your baby is up to in there and check its general behaviour – pictures are taken where possible (dependant on position and gestation) and if we can we will also have a look in 4D. IF YOUR BABY IS IN A GOOD POSITION WE CAN UPGRADE THE SCAN TO A 4D ONCE ALL CHECKS HAVE BEEN MADE.

As with all our scans you are given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the scan.

After the scan..

We will discuss everything that we have seen throughout the scan and create a report with our findings for you to take away.

If any problems are found, these will be discussed with you and where possible/known the implications will also be discussed. A referral will be made for you to your local midwife, GP or local hospital/antenatal clinic and appropriate follow up will be arranged.

25 weeks old

36 weeks, chubby cheeks in 4D

“I cannot recommend Lindsay enough!! I've seen Lindsay a few times after a really difficult time to make sure things were getting back to normal and she's always been so lovely and helpful. She's always on hand to answer any questions I have and I cannot thank her enough xx”


Growth scan 24-39+6 weeks £90

20 minute appointment £90
Growth measurements
Position of baby and placenta
General assessment
Scan report with discussion of all findings
Black and white 2D and 3D pictures (where possible)