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Pregnancy Scans

Which scan is right for me ?

We have scans for every exciting stage of your pregnancy, giving you the reassurance that you are doing a beautiful job growing your baby.

Our priority is the wellbeing of your baby, we routinely perform growth measurements and assess your baby’s wellbeing during every scan.

Click on the boxes below to select your scan and find out full details of our scans and prices. You can make your booking online and a £25 deposit secures your appointment.

If you have any particular concerns or would like to talk to us about any of our scans please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07913 208149 or send an email to

We look forward to seeing you and introducing your baby.

7-20 Weeks
The first half of your pregnancy travels through a variety of speeds. The first 12 weeks goes so slowly and then around 16 weeks you feel normal again and worry because you feel normal again! The scans in this collection bring you all the reassurance that you may require in the first half of your pregnancy.
7-20 Weeks
20-30 Weeks

Over the half way point but not quite the final straight! Between 20-30 weeks your little bean is of a size where we can clearly see how well it is developing and behaving! The anomaly scan gives you the structural reassurance, the growth.... well, does as it says and then the 4D Growth scan to see those chubby cheeks and smiles. This collection of scans will cover this wonderful time.

20-30 Weeks
30-40 weeks

The last trimester gives you an opportunity for a last reassuring peek into how well your baby is growing and will those baby grows fit?! A really important time to allow us to see how well your baby is growing as the placenta matures, the importance of your baby's position and level of amniotic fluid around the baby... essentially which way round and what's going on in there. We can still fit a 4D growth scan at the earlier end of 30 weeks before it gets too snuggled up in it's last position.

30-40 weeks

Petite Premium Package

This package allows you to have an additional 2 scans to sit beautifully alongside your planned NHS scans, with the Reassurance/Gender scan between 16-24 weeks and a 4D Growth scan from 26-32 weeks. We are able to take our time looking at your little one(s) in a relaxed, unrushed environment whilst always keeping your baby’s wellbeing at the forefront of any scan we provide. **50% of the package price is payable upon booking** £156 saving £18.

Premium Package

This package allows you to have the reassurance of scans at times that suit you. Another selection of scans that compliment your NHS planned scans at 12 and 20 weeks. These in between times allow us to show you how well your baby is growing and give you the peace of mind you are doing a fab job! This package includes an early scan, gender scan and growth scan which can also give us an estimated weight as well -so a little insider information! **50% of package price to be paid at booking** £218, saving £35.
gynaecology ultrasound
Pregnancy Scanning Suussex

Premium Plus Package

This premium plus package effectively allows you to have a scan every 4-6 weeks (including NHS scans) throughout your pregnancy! The bonding and reassurance of seeing your little bean growing at such magical times is incredible. We make each scan an enjoyable and precious time, talking you through what your baby is up to, what it can do, it’s senses and development along with the added growth measurements and general assessment. This package includes an early scan, gender, 4D growth and growth scan. A fab scanning package to cover all your needs. **50% of the scan package is payable at time of booking** £310, saving £42.