Scannning Room

11 to 16 weeks

Dating Scan

Why have a dating scan?

As with an early scan, most women just want, or need to see their baby and confirm that the pregnancy is developing beautifully. The peace of mind and reassurance that a scan can bring can whilst waiting for your first NHS scan appointment can be invaluable.

What do we do…

Usually performed over the tummy as transabdominal scan, having a fairly full bladder will help to see the pregnancy more clearly. From 11-14 weeks we measure the baby crown to rump (CRL) to get an estimated due date and over 14 weeks we measure the head, tummy and thigh. Over 14 weeks the due date is based on the head circumference measurement.

The scan can also see if you are having just the one baby or a couple of surprises! We also check your little one to see how well it is developing by checking the skull/brain, arms and legs, stomach and cord insertion.

We also check the uterus and ovaries to ensure everything appears normal.

Throughout the scan we will be talking about what your baby is doing, how it is developing and what it can do – such a lovely insight into your baby’s world.

After the scan…

We will create a report with everything we have discussed, answer any questions you may have and give you the pictures we have taken during the scan.

If we sadly find that the things are not progressing as they should we discuss everything that we can see, giving you plenty of time to ask questions. We create a report and contact your local early pregnancy unit (EPU) for a follow up appointment.
(This scan may be available for free at your local NHS hospital)

Look at my long legs - 13 weeks old.

12 week baby

“This woman is second to none. Not only is she a sonographer but a midwife too. She is sensitive, funny, warm, professional but incredibly kind and gentle. The waiting area is modern and huge with free drinks available. You get lots of pictures but what is more important you get a very thorough scan that isn't rushed. I love taking my daughter to see Lindsay. I work with ante natal women so I can assure anyone that this service is truly amazing. Thank you Lindsay from Rosie, Jenny, Sam and baby Teddy oh and new little pink 16 week old bump xx”


Dating scan 11-16 weeks £90

20 minute appointment
Viability and heartbeat visualisation
Estimated due date
Detailed scan report
Anatomy check
Fully qualified sonographers that can assess development